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About "Bleeding Heart"
Date: 2009-08-18 | Source: Soureh Pictures Company [SPC]
"Bleeding Heart" by M.R.Rahmani is on the screens these days...
“Bleeding Heart" by M.R.Rahmani is on the screens these days . It is a social drama .

The story of a man who has killed his wife and is waiting for her execution but a lawyer changes everything .Hamed Behdad, Elnaz Shakerdoust ,Pourya Poursorkh,Habib Dehqan Nasab are the other cast of the said title."Bleeding Heart" is screening at 12 theatre halls.

The director, M.R.Rahmani ,declared that the cinema audiences play themselves the main role in publicizing of this film’s being impressive.

He believes that the very title communicates with the audiences since it has also been successful for the theme . He continued that the screening conditions is reasonable but I can’t decide of its box office .

Up to now it seems to be acceptable .

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About "Bleeding Heart"
"Hamded Behdad" in "Bleeding Heart" by Mohammad Reza Rahmani