Cultural Management

This management refers to managing all the programs which deal with screenplay writing, screenplays, publication affairs of Soureh Cinema Development Organization, different festivals, their usage circumstances, participation and celebration, archive and the Film House.

The ranks units of this management are as follows :
  • Film House
  • Publication Affairs
  • Screenplay Writing Workshop
  • Festivals
    There is an archive for the famous films belong to the cinema history for more investigation and analysis in order to provide other units of the very organization.
    The publication affairs refer to the activities like; publishing magazine and monthly publication concerning film criticism which is a professional cultural work among other cinematic journals . Other affairs deal with the cinema editing and publishing in Soureh Cinema Development Organization.
    Screenplay writing workshop is concerned with teaching verbal and non verbal classes for those who are interested in writing screenplays. The teaching workshops are held and supervised by the experienced and famous professors of screenplay writing of the country .The resulted scientific experiences and useful screenplays are applied to be produced professionally for the production departments inside and outside of the organization.

    There are fields for studying, investigating and celebrating various cinema festivals and all is supervised by Soureh Cinema Development Organization .

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