Goals And Policies

TBased on the approved article of association, Soureh Cinema Development Organization has been registered in Aug. 2000 by the office of registration of non commercial companies .
The goals are as follows :
  • Preparing the way for talents and visual and cinematic creativities through recognition, training, strengthening and introducing famous artists.
  • Preparing patterns for leading the artistic production into the right way and creating samples for visual and cinematic art.
  • Providing a situation to take benefit from the better cultural and artistic quality of cinematic and visual productions.
  • Supporting services for visual and cinematic productions.
  • Organizing and doing visual and cinematic researches.
  • Establishing, supervising and directing cultural, visual cinematic companies independently or with legal and real corporation.
  • Investing with real corporation to produce feature, short, scientific documentary, teaching , publicizing films and video productions.
  • Marketing and distributing cinematic works and productions.
  • Producing (the organization itself ), corporation in producing, purchasing, marketing, renting, exporting and importing, distributing any kind of film equipments (camera, sink, …)and visual and cinematic materials.
  • Developing fields and establishing performing art and distributing the visual and cinematic production and also promoting the standard of performance through investment and corporation in building, managing and taking benefits from the cinemas under the supervision of the organization.
  • Related publicizing and distributing with the kind of the organization activity.
  • Making contracts and engaging some transactions for requesting loans from the individuals, banks and credit institutes.
  • Accepting as an agency to be the representative company from the domestic and foreign companies according to the subject of the organization activity.
  • Investing commonly with internal and external partners based on the goals of the organization.
  • Celebrating festivals and congresses within the framework of the organization.

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