First,we aim to optimize the allocation of human resources and make the company one with greater competitiveness and expertise, and one with more  excellent staff.Secondly,we will offer our staff opportunities for them to  develop themselves as a way to encourage the talents.Thirdly,with the leading  function of the career development path,we believe that our staff will be more  active in self-improving and skill-enhancing in the good working conditions we’ve  been trying to create and thus the sustainable development of our company can  be guaranteed.


1.This can be applied to all the regular emplyees of Fujian  Development Group;

2.This can also be applied to the situations when position  transfering or a promotion is to happen.

Basic ideas for career development

Co-development of the company and the staff:When the staff of a  company is encouraged to make their career development planning, they are  actually expected to make their personal planning and ambitions correspond to the  development requirements and the strategy of the company. Only in this way can  the win-win and co-development of the staff and the company be achieved.

Rules to follow in career planning:Systematicness: Opportunies about career developments will be offered to our employees according to their individual differences and personalities.

Long range:The planning for career development should be a  long-term project throughtout the employees’ career.

Dynamic:The rules will be adjusted from time to time according to  the changing development strategy and structure of the company and the changing  requirements from the employees to develop themselves. 

The possible directions of career development path 

Vertical development:ordinary employee- assistant & director of  the department-vice manager&manager of the department –vice  manager&manager of the company-top management staff

Horizontal development: Sometimes an employee may find that his or  her present position is not the one that fits him or her best.When this happens, he or she is allowed to rechoose a suitable position in the company  and share the equal right to be promoted.

Basic conditions: Educational background and certain years of  working experience in related fields are the stepping stones to the positions  in the company.And detailed description of conditions needed for each position  can be found in the Job Responsibility. 

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