Taj Mahal
82 min/color/ 2013

Danesh Eghba Shavi
Danesh Eghba Shavi was Born in1979 in Abadan. He started cinematic activities in 1998 by directing short films. He made a number of short films. He was Assistant director and programmer from2000 to 20
Persian Name Taj Mahal
Date of release 2013-09-04
Director Danesh Eghba Shavi
Screenplay Writer Karim Nikoonazar, Danesh Eghba Shavi
Producer Reza Mirkarimi
Director of Photography Saeed Barati
Editor Mahmood Yarmohammadloo
Set & Costume Designer
Music Amin Honarmand
Sound Jahangir Mirshekari
Special Effects
Cast Abdoljabbar Eghba Shavi, Shahla Parviz Moradi, Jahangir Mirshekari, Tima Amiri, Abuzar Kohanzadeh, Alirea Zamaninasab, Maryam Na’eemzadeh

Hossein Moradi, a 60-year-old worker from Abadan, has many times been forced to fire his colleagues in the shipbuilding factory on the employer’s order. However, this time he decides to create a chance for the workers by drawing lots. One of the workers protests and gets into a fight with Hossein. A few days later, Hossein’s grandson is born, and Hossein’s children give him and their mother two tickets to travel to India. A few nights after the feast, two armed thieves break into the house and steal the cash and the presents in the house. Hossein and his family suspect the angry shipbuilding worker who had threatened them.