Little Hero
83 Min/2013/Color

Sadegh Sadegh Daghighi
Sadegh Sadegh Daghighi was born in 1976. He has BA cinematic degree in Photography and cinematography. He began his artistic work by making short films and documentary. He has made over 300 works. He
Persian Name Bozorg Marde Kouchak
Date of release 2013-09-04
Director Sadegh Sadegh Daghighi
Screenplay Writer Parvaneh Marzban , Abdoljabar Deldar
Producer Parvaneh Marzban
Director of Photography Jalal Zare , Hashem Attar
Editor Sadegh Sadegh Daghighi
Set & Costume Designer
Music Behzad Abdi
Sound Masih Seraj
Special Effects
Cast Deldar, Mohammad.J Eslampour , Pouria Amini, Shabnam Gholikhani

Behnam Mahmoudi has been known as the first teenage martyr in imposing war between Iran and Iraq. When Iraq’s army began their invasion to Khormashahr, he tried to resist against them along with people of the city.