85 Min/2013/Color

Mojtaba Raei
Mojtaba Raei, born in Isfahan in 1957, is a cinema directing graduate from Cinema and Theatre Faculty of University of Art. His first film Man and Gun was his dissertation, which started his professio
Persian Name Toranj
Date of release 2013-09-04
Director Mojtaba Raei
Screenplay Writer Mojtaba Raei
Producer Mojtaba Raei
Director of Photography Hashem Moradi
Editor Mojtaba Raei
Set & Costume Designer
Music Kambiz Roshanravan
Sound Mohammad Mokhtari
Special Effects
Cast Reza Naji, Hossein Mahjoob, Mahmood Pakniat, Mahmood Nazaralian, Hamideh Moghadaszadeh

By the time that Boyouk, an Azerbaijani miniaturist comes back from an art gallery in Paris, he goes out of his body for a while and experiences a sort of temporary death. Since then, the thought of death has such grasped him that he couldn’t draw miniature anymore. He begins to have a spiritual survey and becomes frustrated to some extent that he implores Hassan, a friend of his father who is a man with Mulana theology. Boyouk overcomes this crisis with his help and when he faces with death in reality …