93 min/ color/2014

Karim Fa'eghian

Persian Name Morva
Date of release 2014-02-18
Director Karim Fa'eghian
Screenplay Writer Gholamreza Ahmadi
Producer Karim Fa'eghian
Director of Photography Karim Fa'eghian
Editor Karim Fa'eghian
Set & Costume Designer Zeinab Arabi - Idris Abdipour
Music Karim Fa'eghian
Special Effects
Cast Shahin Bahramnezhad, Gholamreza Farajzadeh, Najaf Kazerouni, Ali Ghorbani, Gholam Hossein Barouni, Fatemeh Khorma'ei Pour

An old neighborhood in Boushehr- peoples who are intimate to each other with their religious beliefs and faiths. The characters that live in the same neighbor have a role to play at Tazieh. Moharam is approaching and the residents' concern is to perform this condolence theatre which its importance and popularity has passed across the Persian Gulf. Shemr, one the main role of the performance, is in jail because of an unwished incident although he is innocent; people try to find a solution.